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Untrash™ is the most amazing compostable bag.

It is the strong & reliable bag that will unmess the mess of food waste recycling. Count on us!

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Sandwich bags


Contains 50 in a box.

USA FDA approved, food safe material.

3 Gallon Bags


Contains 18 in a box.

Compatible with most food waste kitchen counter top containers.

13 Gallon Bags


Contains 10 in a box.

Compatible with most tall kitchen garbage containers.

The Ucan™ is sleek compost bin that complements your stylish kitchen!

Thoughtfully designed, while helping you help the planet.

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Our Story

We are like you - we believe in a world where sustainable products that help the earth can also be well designed. We loved the idea of a kitchen compost bin to help us separate our food waste from our trash, but we couldn't find one that met our needs. So we took the proverbial trash into our own hands and came up with a solution: a beautifully designed, clean and easy-to-use kitchen compost bin that makes helping the environment almost effortless. The bottom line: we actually make it painless for you to help Mother Nature without compromising the look of your kitchen. While we were at it, we developed compostable bags that are superior to other bags on the market. They are stronger and more reliable and won't have you wondering if your food waste is going to break through your bag before you get it to the green bin outside.

We don't like to see the earth filling up with trash. Approximately 30% of the content in our landfills is organics, and by separating the food waste out from our trash we can lower that amount. The simple act of placing apple cores or banana peels in a bin instead of the trash or disposal will significantly reduce landfills. We feel good when we do something to help the environment, even when it as easy as putting our kitchen food scraps in a bin. We want you to feel good about saving the world, too.


Biodegradable Products Institute California Resource Recovery Association's Zero Waste Toolkit Composting Facilities and Programs in Your Area EcoCycle, Boulder, CO EPA Food Waste Food Waste Recycling Information Grassroots Recycling Network US Composting Council
Zero Waste Programs
8 Composting Facts - Environment 911

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We bring you products that help you change the world without getting your hands (or kitchens) too dirty. To top it off, our products are sleek, well designed and made with you and your kitchen in mind. We strive to utilize recycled and compostable materials whenever and wherever we can and all of our cans are made in the USA. If we can Untrash our world, Ucan too.


You understand the positive environmental impact of separating your food waste from your trash, but you don't want the messy, sticky hassle of an unattractive can that doesn't work. The Ucan Untrash™ Can is a sleek and thoughtfully designed compost bin that complements your stylish kitchen while helping you help the planet. Finally, a compost bin that's as innovative as you are. Ucan Untrash our world.

Untrash (Un trash)

v. to be good to the environment, to not trash the world, to avoid landfill, un-waste, re-use, protect, preserve.
n. re-purpose of waste into something useful: Composted food waste that becomes fertile soil.


Bring Ucan to your Municipality

Our Untrash Can and Untrash Bags are a critical piece for any residential curbside food waste program. Our can, combined with our bags, encourage compliance of municipal program initiatives. When residents have a can that is beautiful enough to live on their kitchen counter, the more likely they are to use it and collect their food waste.

Our Untrash cans can be purchased and distributed through municipal waste management programs. For more information regarding distribution, purchase and ordering of our products, please contact us.

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Offer Ucan Products in your Stores

Ucan is dedicated to the development of strong relationships with its vendors. Ucan products have high consumer appeal and satisfaction and our packaging ensures strong shelf presence. For packaging, shipment, ordering information and additional retail questions, please contact us at info@ucanproducts.com. Please provide us with your contact information, your store(s) name, location and web site

Download Compostable itmes list

Where You Can Purchase Untrash products

Retail Stores

  • Whole Foods-Select Stores-Nationwide
  • Bianchini's Market-Portola Valley & San Carlos, CA
  • City Farmz-Campbell, CA
  • Country Sun-Palo Alto, CA
  • Draeger's-Menlo Park, CA
  • Fredericksen Hardware & Paint-San Francisco, CA
  • Hassett Hardware-Palo Alto, CA
  • JJ&F Market-Palo Alto, CA
  • Menlo Park Ace Hardware-Menlo Park, CA
  • Piazza's-Palo Alto, CA
  • Piazza's Fine Foods-San Mateo, CA
  • Standard 5 & 10 Ace-San Francisco, CA
  • Solar City-Palo Alto, CA
  • The Willow's Market-Menlo Park. CA
  • Trag's Market-San Mateo, CA
  • Woodland's Market-Kentfield, CA
  • Crown Enterprises-Moscow, ID
  • Ketchum Kitchens-Ketchum, ID
  • A Southern Season-North Carolina & South Carolina
  • Molbak's-Woodinville, WA
  • Mrs. Cook's-Seattle, WA

Trash: The Down and Dirty

Trash (trash)
n. Unwanted, useless materials; junk, litter, waste, materials of no use.
v. To destroy, defame

We are a trash creating society. Americans generate about four and a half pounds of trash per day, per person. * That's 250 million tons per year. Most of our garbage gets buried beneath the earth in giant landfills where it stays for a very long time. The name is actually a perfect description of exactly what it does: fill the land. In fact, the amount of trash buried in landfills has doubled since 1960. We now understand that food scraps aren't trash, they are vital organisms that can be re-purposed to be useful. The sooner we start separating food from our trash, the better the earth will be for it. **

*See for Waste and Recycling Facts
** See for more information

Compost: Nature's Gold

Compost (com post)
n. A mix of organic matter
v. To return to the earth, to fertilize, to create new growth, to enrich, to nourish

Though composting is gaining popularity and-- dare we say--becoming trendy, Mother Nature has actually been composting for as long as there have been trees. When leaves pile up on the earth's floor they begin to decompose and eventually are returned to the soil, where they become rich, crumbly earthen gold. That's right, your discarded apple peels and eggshells actually have the power to become nutrients for new plants and trees. And who doesn't want more trees? Composting isn't just for farmers, hippies, or avid gardeners and it isn't as intimidating as you think. Keeping a sleek compost bin next to your sink will help make it easier for you to help the earth. Your curbside waste collector will do the rest.